U.S. Energy Conservation Program: Organization and Management

Kuzin, D. (1978). U.S. Energy Conservation Program: Organization and Management. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-78-044

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Program management has become an important issue today. The governments in many countries and on different levels use different programs whose essence sometimes is very different. The current stage of modern development includes a scientific-technological revolution (STR) in which large-scale complex problems, which cannot be solved by ordinary separate government actions, have emerged.

There are several reasons for taking the energy conservation program of the USA as an object of the present study. This program is deeply connected with the economy and all key industries, it is a large-scale non-conventional program with an element of crisis in it, it has top-level government priority, and represents an example for studying the American economy.

In this article the attempt is made to understand the program using the systems approach. The author does not aim to describe all governmental actions in detail or the technical questions connected with the problem of energy conservation. There is also no program evaluation here, although it is one of the most important components of program management. The accent is rather on the decomposition of the system into related subsystems, definition of the actors involved, and interactions between them.

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