A Possible Approach to Transportation Systems Modeling in the Silistra Region

Mihailov, B. (1978). A Possible Approach to Transportation Systems Modeling in the Silistra Region. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-78-041

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The present investigation is made due to the lack of a general concept for the system of models for the integrated regional development of the Silistra region. Nevertheless, it is not only possible, but is necessary that guidelines for the transportation system modeling be sketched out. Furthermore, the transportation system has many different components and it represents in itself a large-scale system. For this reason the solving of the problem concerning the modeling of the internal transportation links within a unified transportation system will not only help to solve an unsolved (to date) problem, but will also give us the possibility to incorporate the transportation in the system of models for integrated regional development. That is why the pursued goal here at this stage is limited and has as its subject the internal components of the transportation system model. After the general concept has been elaborated, this approach may be supplemented and improved.

The proposed approach is based on two accepted conditions: (1) the initial prospective value of the transportation system components and their interrelations within the region are balanced but not optimized. This value is determined by the assigned parameters on the side of the other subsystems and of the central planning body; and (2) the optimization of the transportation system has to be realized at the subsequent stages of an optimization cycle and this depends on the accepted approach for transportation system modeling.

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