Effects of ship emissions on European ground-level ozone in 2020

Jonson, J.E., Tarrason, L., Klein, H., Vestreng, V., Cofala, J., & Whall, C. (2009). Effects of ship emissions on European ground-level ozone in 2020. International Journal of Remote Sensing 30 (15) 4099-4110. 10.1080/01431160902821858.

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In recent decades land-based emissions of air pollutants have been substantially reduced over Europe. At the same time emissions from shipping have continued to grow globally. Emissions from international shipping in sea areas surrounding Europe now contribute about 30% of the EU27 emissions of sulphur and NOx and affect ozone levels all over Europe. Although ozone levels are expected to decrease in most parts of Europe, prognoses for 2020 levels are still above what is considered as threshold values. A growing portion of these impacts can be attributed to emissions from international shipping.

This paper presents an evaluation of the impacts on ozone levels in the European mainland due to emissions from international shipping. Calculations are carried out under recent (2004) conditions and for a scenario in 2020, where further emission reductions are applied to land based emissions while the ships emissions increase according to their expected growth in transport volumes, without additional technical reduction measures. Impacts are considered with respect to the formation of ground-level ozone, presented as somo35. We investigate the effect of different shipping emission sources, in particular, international shipping inside the 12 mile zone from the coast, emissions from ships outside the 12 mile zone with EU flags and emissions from ships under other flags. It is shown that contributions from EU ships and non-EU and ships outside the 12 mile zone are about equal in magnitude. Corrected for source strength, the largest effect relative to source strength is from emissions within the 12 mile zone. Here ozone titration may cause reductions in somo35 of more than 10% in some countries, or increases of 5% or more elsewhere.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Air pollutants; Emission reduction; Ground-level ozone; Ozone levels; Ship emissions; Shipping emissions; Source strength
Research Programs: Atmospheric Pollution (APD)
Bibliographic Reference: International Journal of Remote Sensing; 30(15-16):4099-4110 (2009)
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