Modeling Medical Manpower Allocation in Centralized Systems

Yashin, A.I. (1978). Modeling Medical Manpower Allocation in Centralized Systems. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-78-026

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demands careful quantitative and qualitative analysis of the subsystems functioning processes. One of the main subsystems in the general health care model studied is the manpower system. For the creation of the man-power model, different statistical data are required. Before using these statistical data in modeling it is necessary to investigate some of the socio-economical mechanisms influencing the man-power spatial distribution, and to describe mathematically the processes defining that the state of the system under consideration is dynamic.

This paper is devoted to the mathematical description of one such mechanism and includes a computer program based on the equations used. This investigation may be considered as the first stage in the creation of the corresponding computer model. The development of the centralized type socio-economical systems are defined in general by their well-grounded perspective plans for resource allocation most importantly their man-power allocation. The complexity of human demands makes it necessary to take into account under planning not only the real demands on man-power of the different regions but also the specific regional conditions influencing the migration processes. Lack of consideration of these conditions may lead to large mistakes in planning.

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