Quality considerations of European PM emission inventories

Winiwarter, W. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7131-1496, Kuhlbusch, T.A.J., Viana, M., & Hitzenberger, R. (2009). Quality considerations of European PM emission inventories. Atmospheric Environment 43 (25) 3819-3828. 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.05.023.

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This paper reviews information on emission inventories of particulate matter (PM) in Europe. A large body of scientific literature is available to cover many different aspects. Studies focus on specific sources or source sectors (road transport as well as off-road machinery, domestic heating, industry, agriculture, and natural sources), among which especially road transport emissions are clearly best established. Emission inventories comprising all sources are available for specific European regions, often pointing out regional differences, but also for the entire continent. Still these inventories often are not able to satisfy the needs. Due to PM specific circumstances such as the large number of sources, very different release pathways and differences of the individual particles in terms of chemical composition or size, it is very difficult to to appropriately handle measurement conditions to arrive at adequate emission factors, especially when emission points cannot be defined clearly. Information on fugitive emissions (caused by wind shear, material transfer processes or other mechanical forces from non-point sources) is sparse, except for road traffic emissions where recent data seems to converge. The problem of data gaps concerns activities in industry (quarries), agriculture, but also natural particles like sea salt and wind-blown dust. Comparing complete inventories to independent efforts in assessing emissions, e.g. atmospheric measurements combined with source apportionment, allows to better understand and quantify the reliability of inventory data. Methodological improvements and harmonization currently under way in Europe will focus efforts and allow for more reliable PM inventories in the near future.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Europe; Fugitive sources; Outlook; Particulate matter; Review
Research Programs: Atmospheric Pollution (APD)
Bibliographic Reference: Atmospheric Environment; 43(25):3819-3828 (August 2009)
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