Guidelines for the Elaboration of the Subsystem: Regional Water Supply

Albegov, M. (1978). Guidelines for the Elaboration of the Subsystem: Regional Water Supply. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-78-009

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The regional water supply model must be one of the blocks of the system of models for regional planning. The main ideas of the common approach for the construction of this system were described in the report to the XIII European Congress of the Regional Science Association, Krakow, Poland, August 1977.

The central idea of one of the possible approaches consists of the following: a plan of perspective development is elaborated by the region using special functions which accumulate an effect of manufacture of the main (base) products in the region under analysis. These functions of effect per unit of resource (for example per unit of labour) can be constructed on the basis of sectoral optimization models and a system of marginal costs (prices) of the regional products. In this scheme the choice of the level of regional activities can be made as a result of the coordination of all kinds of activities with the help of a number of "effect" functions.

Another approach is based on the assumption that sectoral or other calculations can give the opportunity to fix the level of regional production for the future.

The first of these approaches is laid in the core of the analyses because the second one can be seen as a particular case.

The regional water supply model must supply other blocks (subsystems) of the IRD model with the information which is needed for the solution of the following tasks: (a) the choice of directions of regional economic specialization and calculation of the growth rate; (b) the solution of the tasks of intraregional location of the industry and agriculture, the growth of the urban and rural settlements network, etc; and (c) the verification of the allowance of the assigned variants within permissible limits of future regional and sub-regional growth.

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