Review of the MCPFE Process Tasks 1-4

Nilsson, S. & Rametsteiner, E. (2009). Review of the MCPFE Process Tasks 1-4. Final Report to Sponsor: Norsk Institutt for Skog og Landskap, Norway (October 2009)

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The MCPFE is part of a larger international forest policy context (IFPC) and has as its main objective to protect European forests while balancing the economic, social, ecological and cultural aspects of SFM. The MCPFE interacts with other forest organisations and both addresses and delivers resolutions on how best to achieve this objective. A formula for a successful MCPFE process is to have a strategic position that is not just relevant, but also adds value in an effective and efficient manner to achieving common forest and forest-related objectives in the international forest policy context (IFPC).

The overall objective of the MCPFE review as a whole is to provide the basis for future decisions on the strategic direction of future work of the MCPFE. The main focus of the review is the strategic position, the relevance, the value added, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the work of MCPFE. The expected result of the strategic review is a concise report on the findings of the review, including a set of concrete recommendations for actions based on these findings.

The geographic scope of the review is global (international bodies and processes) to local. The geographic focus is the Pan-European region. The time dimension is 1990 to present, with a view towards the implications of the findings for the future.

The following general principles are followed and ensured in the review. (1) The general approach of the MCPFE review is characterized by dialogue and mutual learning based on review evidence, with the aim to further promote and strengthen a culture of continuous improvements by MCPFE (2) The MCPFE review has an outside-in perspective with emphasis on the context factors that determine and shape the way MCPFE needs to operate, and the related coordination and partnerships with other bodies (3) The MCPFE review has reviewed the past , with a view towards the implications of findings for the future, with an emphasis on strategic issues (4) The MCPFE review ensures that appropriate attention is given to the diversity of situations and needs across regions in Europe (5) The MCPFE review has collected the views and experiences of peers and stakeholders from different sectors and geographical levels (global, geo-regional, national and sub-national), and research, as well as of MCPFE signatories and observer organizations.

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