Special Issue: Energy Systems

Pachauri, S. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8138-3178 & Cherp, A. (2011). Special Issue: Energy Systems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 3 (4) 199-278.

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This issue addresses two distinct yet interconnected global energy challenges: energy security and energy access. Energy security is primarily a national level concern whereas energy access is largely a problem at the household level. However, these levels are not isolated from each other. For example, inadequate access compels governments to build additional infrastructure and procure fuels, which may be perceived as an additional energy security burden. On the other hand a disruption of affordable energy access may affect political and economic stability. Thus, both energy security and energy access involve intertwined financial, economic and policy arrangements.

Though energy security and energy access are currently pursued through different regimes, policies, and mechanisms, many contributions to the current issue make a case that better coordination may be necessary. A case for such coordination at the global level is made by Goldthau, but coordination of national policies framed in terms of managing the energy ladder are also highlighted by Sovacool. The recently completed Global Energy Assessment argues that resolving the challenges of climate change, energy security and energy access simultaneously and in an integrated manner is more cost-effective....

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