First Version of the Hungarian Agricultural Model (HAM-1)

Csaki, C. (1978). First Version of the Hungarian Agricultural Model (HAM-1). IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-78-038

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In this paper, the results of experiments with the first version of the Hungarian Agricultrural Model (HAM-1) are summarized. The description of our objectives and the model are followed by a discussion of the actual results and finally our conclusions are presented.

HAM is going to be the first systems simulation model to describe the Hungarian food and agriculture sector. The main objective of HAM-1 is to gain methodological experience to the further refinement of our model structure and to demonstrate that our approach is suitable for investigations connected with the development of Hungarian food and agriculture.

HAM-1 describes the Hungarian food and agricultural sector in a rather aggregated way (the food and agriculture is represented by nine commodities and the tenth commodity is related to the rest of the economy), but it has all of the basic features of the HAM model structure, namely it is dynamic and has a descriptive character, both the production of agricultural raw materials and food processing are modelled, the governmental economic management and policy-making activities are partly endogenized, the food consumption sphere is incorporated, financial equilibrium is maintained.

Numerous runs of HAM-1 have been executed representing three types of investigations, namely testing the operation of the whole system, studying the impacts of changes in external conditions and how the system reacts on modifications within the model. Some of the results of these runs and the conclusions are discussed at the end of the paper.

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