A Morbidity Submodel of Infectious Diseases

Fujimasa, I., Kaihara, S., & Atsumi, K. (1978). A Morbidity Submodel of Infectious Diseases. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-78-010

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Numbers of sick persons with infectious diseases in a country can be estimated by the morbidity submodel of infectious diseases. The input of the model is the population structure of the country and the outputs are numbers of sick, deaths and prevalence rates of infectious diseases. The model makes use of three disease specific rates which are assumed to be constant across developed countries, namely morbidity rate, recovery rate, and death rate per capita. For this paper values of these three rates were calculated from Japanese survey data describing disease specific prevalence rate, death rate, and duration of stay. The outputs of the model are in good agreement with WHO statistics from Japan and other developed countries.

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