A Disaggregated Health Care Resource Allocation Model

Gibbs, R.J. (1978). A Disaggregated Health Care Resource Allocation Model. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-78-001

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The planning of health services can be viewed as occurring in two stages--the estimation of the amounts of health care resources that would be needed if the Health Care System (HCS) were to test all sick individuals at clinically desirable standards, and the downward revision of these estimates in order to comply with economic constraints. To assist in the second stage a model is proposed which includes sub-models for population, disease prevalence, resource supply, and resource allocation and which could be used interactively by the planner to explore resource options. The role of the resource allocation sub-model in this design is to simulate how the HCS allocates limited resources between competing demands. To perform this role a sub-model is proposed which derives from a resource allocation model which is being used in health service planning in the UK. The sub-model as proposed here can be applied to only one sector of the HCS at a time whereas the UK model can be applied to several sectors simultaneously. However, it is more easy to use than the UK model and its computational requirements are considerably lighter. The sub-model is described in terms of its application to the hospital in-patient sector and its performance is illustrated by a hypothetical application to the South Western Region of England.

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