Longitudinal Water Quality Profile Measurements and their Evaluation in the Nitra River basin (Slovakia)

Masliev, I., Petrovic, P., Kunikova, M., Zajicova, H., & Somlyody, L. (1994). Longitudinal Water Quality Profile Measurements and their Evaluation in the Nitra River basin (Slovakia). IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-94-104


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The Nitra River is one of most polluted rivers in the Slovak Republic, due to numerous industrial and municipal emissions, and low level of wastewater treatment. Policy-oriented water quality management study on the basin was undertaken jointly by IIASA, the Water Research Institute in Bratislava (VUVH), and the Vah River Basin Authority. One of the components of the research were the water quality profiles experiments incorporating both emission and river water sampling, followed by an analysis with mass balance method. Two experiments were performed in the basin, in August 1992 and June 1993, respectively. The first experiment was focused on the "conventional" water quality parameters affecting dissolved oxygen balance, such as BOD, COD and nitrogen. The second, although limited only to certain regions of the basin, was aimed at understanding more detailed water quality processes in the river such as sedimentation and hydrolysis of organic material. Rough estimates of the process rates were obtained with mass balance method. The results of the work were used for calibration of water quality models essential for the formulation of economically feasible wastewater treatment policy in the basin based on water quality criteria.

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