Control of Flood Defense Reservoirs System Under Uncertain Inflows: NYSA Reservoirs System Case Study

Dysarz, T. (2003). Control of Flood Defense Reservoirs System Under Uncertain Inflows: NYSA Reservoirs System Case Study. IIASA Interim Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: IR-03-049


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Floods and water use have been linked together since ancient times. Rivers provide water and keep the society alive, but they also cause danger: they damage properties and even take lives. During the last few decades we can observe an unusual frequency of flood events. High flood losses are typical either for developed or developing countries. Examples of enormous flood damages in Poland in 1997, in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2002, and also in China, the United States, Southern Africa and many other countries are well known. Although the reasons for the increasing frequency of extreme frequency are difficult to exactly recognize, some of them may be given: possible climate/weather fluctuations, increasing population and asset concentrations in flood-prone areas and improper land-use practices. Floods are not the strongest or the most sudden phenomena in the world. However, they appear to be the most disastrous events. We should not expect that this phenomenon will be inhibited by itself. On the contrary, it may be expected that floods become one of main development barriers for countries which are unable to cope with the problem. Thus, proper flood protection strategies become dramatically important.

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