Time-Variable Water Quality Management - A Policy Study

Beck, M.B. (1979). Time-Variable Water Quality Management - A Policy Study. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-125

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Interactions between the long-term (planning) and short-term (operational) functions of stream water quality management are considered in this paper. It is argued that the problems and, therefore, the strategies of water quality management do not remain constant with time. In particular, the paper identifies what may be an important change of emphasis in water quality management from the essentially curative strategy of the past 20-30 years to a preventive strategy for the coming years. This change of emphasis suggests that more attention in research and development should be given to matters associated with the operational aspects of management. The analysis of the paper is undertaken from several different perspectives, for example, from the perspectives of economics, innovation, legislation, and institutional arrangements. The areas in which interaction between long-term and short-term management is likely to be most pronounced are: in changing the way in which water quality can be monitored, and thus in changing the way in which water quality objectives can be specified; and in increasing the range of options available to management.

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