Applying the Balaton Sector Model for Analysis of Phosphorus Dynamics in Lake Balaton, 1976-1978

Leonov, A.V. (1981). Applying the Balaton Sector Model for Analysis of Phosphorus Dynamics in Lake Balaton, 1976-1978. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-81-118

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The Balaton Sector Model was developed at IIASA. It includes the interaction between five phosphorus fractions (dissolved organic P, dissolved inorganic P, nonliving particulate P, phytoplankton P, and bacterial P) and takes into account the wind- and temperature-regulated phosphorus exchange between sediment and water as well as the horizontal transport of phosphorus fractions from basin to basin by wind induced and advective water flow. This model was applied to a real set of field observations on the state of the environment, such as temperature, radiation, wind, water balance, and phosphorus loading, in order to examine the feasibility of the model to represent the phosphorus dynamics in different parts of Lake Balaton for the environmental conditions from 1976-1978. The model adequacy in describing phosphorus measurements is analyzed by statistical methods which show that the simulated phosphorus dynamics agree sufficiently with the available phosphorus measurements for Lake Balaton. The results of sensitivity analysis to determine the relative importance of measurements (temperature, radiation, and phosphorus loading) or the quality of input data determining the conditions of simulated phosphorus transformation are discussed in terms of changes in phosphorus concentrations, averaged on a monthly and annual basis. Some preliminary information on the phosphorus exchange in the sediment-water layer, extracted from the simulation results, is presented for discussion in this report. Furthermore, the analysis of phosphorus fluxes, external as well as internal, and the conditions of phosphorus cycling in 1976-1978 were conducted in order to clarify the specificity of phosphorus transformation within the Lake Balaton ecosystem.

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