R10 region mask based on IPCC AR6 WG3 and ISIMIP

Smith, C., Byers, E. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0349-5742, Werning, M., & Hooke, D. (2023). R10 region mask based on IPCC AR6 WG3 and ISIMIP. 10.5281/zenodo.7629799.

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region_classification.tsv: Tab-separated value file of ISO3 code, country name and the R10 mapping used. r10masks_fractional.nc: 0.5° grid of fractions of grid cell that is part of one of 10 world regions as defined by IPCC Working Group 3. The "region" variable is a dimension (11, 360, 720) variable. The first axis is the fraction (0-1 scale) of the grid cell at latitude and longitude (defined by second and third axis) falling into each world region. Values of first axis correspond to following regions defined in the country mappings file: 0=South-East Asia and developing Pacific 1=Eurasia 2=Asia-Pacific 3=Africa 4=Middle East 5=Latin America and Caribbean 6=North America 7=Eastern Asia 8=Southern Asia 9=Europe 10=World (all land, excluding Antarctica, and the sum of fractions in 0-9). Oceans and inland lakes are not counted within countries/regions. The starting point for this data is the 0.5° country mask from Perrette (2023). Country mappings in the TSV file follow the prescription of IPCC Working Group 3 Annex II (Al Khourdajie et al. 2022) where possible. Some ambiguities exist with regards to post-colonial, geographically detached, and disputed territories which are not explicitly defined in Annex II. These have been grouped by geographic rather than political region (example: French Guiana is classified as Latin America & Caribbean, which it is most definitely geographically part of, rather than Europe, which it is politically part of).  Perette, 2023: ISI-MIP/isipedia-countries (v2.6). GitHub repository. https://github.com/ISI-MIP/isipedia-countries/releases/tag/v2.6 Al Khourdajie et al., 2022: Annex II: Definitions, Units and Conventions Al Khourdajie, A., R. van Diemen, W.F. Lamb, M. Pathak, A. Reisinger, S. de la Rue du Can, J. Skea, R. Slade, S. Some, L. Steg (eds). In IPCC, 2022: Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change. Contribution of Working Group III to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change P.R. Shukla, J. Skea, R. Slade, A. Al Khourdajie, R. van Diemen, D. McCollum, M. Pathak, S. Some, P. Vyas, R. Fradera, M. Belkacemi, A. Hasija, G. Lisboa, S. Luz, J. Malley, (eds.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK and New York, NY, USA. doi: 10.1017/9781009157926.021

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