Spatial Impact Analysis through Qualitative Calculus: An Exploration

Voogd, H. (1982). Spatial Impact Analysis through Qualitative Calculus: An Exploration. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-82-082

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In this paper the usefulness of qualitative calculus for spatial impact analysis will be explored. The major issue of qualitative calculus concerns the sign-solvability problem. Its basic question is whether, and under what conditions, the direction of changes in a set of dependent variables in an interconnected system may be determined solely from the direction of changes in the independent variables and a knowledge of the signs, but not the magnitudes, of the relevant partial derivatives. After an elaboration of this problem in Section 2, an overview will be given in Section 3 of the conditions under which full or partial sign-solvability may occur. A discussion of how this approach might be applied in urban and regional planning is given in Section 4, and the paper concludes with some suggestions for further research.

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