An Introduction to the DB Relational Database Management System

Ward, J.R. (1982). An Introduction to the DB Relational Database Management System. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-82-001

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This paper is an introductory guide to using the Db programs to maintain and query a relational database on the UNIX operating system.

In the past decade. increasing interest has been shown in the development of relational database management systems. Db is an attempt to incorporate a flexible and powerful relational database system within the user environment presented by the UNIX operating system.

The family of Db programs is useful for maintaining a database of information that is updated infrequently. A retrieval command to Db is phrased in a language based on the Relational Algebra. These programs are written in portable C and are currently implemented on a PDP-11/70 and a VAX-11/7BO.

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