Computer Assisted Procedures in Water Project Evaluation

Belyaev, I. & Zimin, I. (1975). Computer Assisted Procedures in Water Project Evaluation. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-75-027

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The paper describes a methodology which can be used in solving water economy capital investment problems. These problems concern water economy expansion to meet an increasing demand for municipal, industrial, and other uses within given resource limitations.

A water economy is considered as an individiual branch of a region. Its connections and interactions with other branches of that region (industry, agriculture, etc.) are taken into account.

We presumed that the interaction of the regional management (Center) and the branch manager takes place within the framework of a centralized hierarchical system. The Center distributes the resources (money, manpower, etc.) among the managers of separate branches. The information a manager receives may be represented by the vector function of resources C(t) during the planning period [t_o,T]. The output information is considered as a scalar function I(t), which characterizes the loss to the branch if it is not sufficiently supplied with hydrotechnical structures.

The process of decision-making consists of three phases. The first phase is formulating all feasible alternatives for the development of a given regional water management system. The second phase is calculating all versions of the development program for the branch. The third phase is estimating the loss which the branch may incur with a given program of branch development. The latter two phases are provided with appropriate mathematical models and numerical algorithms.

This system of models differs from all known capital investment models in water economy in that it incorporates the process of building hydrotechnical structures over a planning horizon.

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