Some Questions of Hardware Structure of the Integrated Systems Control

Surguchov, G.D. (1975). Some Questions of Hardware Structure of the Integrated Systems Control. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-75-071

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The hardware structure of an integrated systems control (ISC) must support the functions which are carried out by the ISC. This idea seems to be very simple at first sight though it has many aspects and difficulties. It is quite possible to formulate several general objectives for the ISC hardware. They are the following: (1) to implement all functions which make up the ISC; (2) to be constructed in a hierarchical structure; (3) to ensure effective data input, output, processing and storage; and (4) to take into consideration the possibilities of development and improvement. Hardware problems will be discussed with these remarks in mind.

The first question to be discussed is what kind of general hardware structure should be used? In this case we must consider two different alternatives: (1) use of one or more large-capacity computers to solve the tasks for all the control levels; and (2) use of a number of mini- or medium-sized computers at individual levels. We consider an "ideal" hardware structure in terms of these alternatives and certainly we accept the terms "ideal" rather conditionally.

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