Communication Audit for IIASA Phase I: External Communications

Penniman, D. & Sichra, U. (1977). Communication Audit for IIASA Phase I: External Communications. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-77-016

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In early 1977 an analysis was conducted of external communication mechanisms currently in use at IIASA. This analysis was based on a six-month sample of the communication traffic via ten different media (telephone, telegrams, night letters, European telex, Non-European telex, travel by IIASA staff, visitors to IIASA, workshops, mail, and IIASA publications). By condensing the data for telegrams, nightletters, European telex, and Non-European telex into one mode an analysis of seven general modes was then conducted. The analysis did not include local telephone traffic (i.e. non-long-distance) nor did it cover incoming messages via mail, telex/telegram or telephone or internal seminars.

While this study has helped to clarify a portion of the current communication traffic at IIASA, it does not answer the question regarding the justification for high-speed data channels. That answer will evolve, but in the meantime this report can provide useful data on what now exists. Even so, this is a snapshot of the situation several months ago and even now data traffic for telexes, as an example, is increasing.

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