Link between population dynamics and dynamics of Darwinian evolution

Meszena, G., Gyllenberg, M., Jacobs, F.J.A., & Metz, J.A.J. (2005). Link between population dynamics and dynamics of Darwinian evolution. Physical Review Letters 95 (7)

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We provide the link between population dynamics and the dynamics of Darwinian evolution via studying the joint population dynamics of similar populations. Similarity implies that the relative dynamics of the populations is slow compared to, and decoupled from, their aggregated dynamics. The relative dynamics is simple, and captured by a Taylor expansion in the difference between the populations. The emerging evolution is directional, except at the singular points of the evolutionary state space. Here evolutionary branching may occur. The diversification of life forms thus is demonstrated to be a natural consequence of the Darwinian process.

Item Type: Article
Research Programs: Adaptive Dynamics Network (ADN)
Bibliographic Reference: Physical Review Letters; 95(7):078105 (12 August 2005)
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