A Computer Network: Structure and Protocols of the RPCNET

Caneschi, F. (1978). A Computer Network: Structure and Protocols of the RPCNET. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-78-012

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A brief description of the RPCNET architecture is given in the beginning of this manual, then, the protocols and the packet formats of RPCNET are described.

More precisely, Chapter 1 deals with a general description of the RPCNET, Chapter 2 deals with the 1st level protocol (Line and Reconfiguration protocols), Chapter 3 deals with the 2nd level protocol (End-to-End protocol), and Chapter 4 deals with User-Level protocols, including the description of RNAM, the generalized Access Method supplied by RPCNET.

Appendix A is the hardware scheme of the BSC-modified line connection, Appendix B gives an example of how the reconfiguration protocol works, and finally Appendix C describes the packet formats.

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