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Strelkovskii, N. ORCID:, Rovenskaya, E. ORCID:, Ilmola-Sheppard, L., Bartmann, R., Rein-Sapir, Y. & Feitelson, E. (2022). Implications of COVID-19 Mitigation Policies for National Well-Being: A Systems Perspective. Sustainability 14 (1), p. 433. 10.3390/su14010433.

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Yamagata, Y., Yoshida, T., Yang, P.P.J., Chen, H., Murakami, D. & Ilmola-Sheppard, L. (2020). Measuring quality of walkable urban environment through experiential modeling. In: Urban Systems Design. pp. 373-392 Elsevier. 10.1016/B978-0-12-816055-8.00012-9.

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Strelkovskii, N. ORCID:, Rovenskaya, E. ORCID: & Ilmola-Sheppard, L. (2017). The ‘Dream Valley’ ABM: From reproducing macroeconomic indicators to participatory exercises. In: 2nd Workshop on Agent-based modelling at ESCP Europe: Agent-based modelling in economics – from toy model to verified tool of analysis, 19 – 20 May 2017, Berlin, Germany.

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Ilmola-Sheppard, L. & Strelkovskii, N. ORCID: (2016). Soft social systems and shocks: an experiment with an agent based model. In: Applications of Systems Thinking and Soft Operations Research in Managing Complexity. pp. 269-290 Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-319-21105-3 10.1007/978-3-319-21106-0_12.

Strelkovskii, N. ORCID:, Rovenskaya, E. ORCID: & Ilmola-Sheppard, L. (2015). Integrated socio-economic agent-based model Dream Valley: Case-study of Korea (ИНТЕГРИРОВАННАЯ СОЦИАЛЬНО-ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКАЯ АГЕНТНАЯ МОДЕЛЬ DREAM VALLEY: ПРИМЕР РЕСПУБЛИКИ КОРЕЯ). In: The Seventh All-Russia Scientific-Practical Conference on Simulation and its Application in Science and Industry "Simulation. The Theory and Practice" (IMMOD-2015, 21-23 October 2015, Moscow, Russia.

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