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Watanabe, C., Asgari, B. & Nagamatsu, A. (2003). Virtuous cycle between R&D functionality development and assimilation capacity for competitive strategy in Japan's high-technology industry. Technovation 23 (11), 879-900. 10.1016/S0166-4972(02)00041-X.

Watanabe, C. & Nagamatsu, A. (2003). Sources of structural stagnation in R&D intensity in Japans electrical machinery industry. Technovation 23 (7), 571-591. 10.1016/S0166-4972(02)00008-1.

Watanabe, C., Nagamatsu, A. & Griffy-Brown, C. (2003). Behavior of technology in reducing prices of innovative goods - An analysis of the governing factors of variance of PV module prices. Technovation 23 (5), 423-436. 10.1016/S0166-4972(01)00121-3.

Watanabe, C., Kondo, R. & Nagamatsu, A. (2003). Policy options for the diffusion orbit of competitive innovations: An application of Lotka-Volterra equations to Japan's transition from analog to digital TV broadcasting. Technovation 23 (5), 437-445. 10.1016/S0166-4972(02)00004-4.

Griffy-Brown, C., Nagamatsu, A., Watanabe, C. & Zhu, B. ORCID: (2002). Technology spillovers and economic vitality: An analysis of institutional flexibility in Japan with comparisons to the USA. International Journal of Technology Management 23 (7), 746-768. 10.1504/IJTM.2002.003036.

Book Section

Watanabe, C., Griffy-Brown, C., Zhu, B. ORCID: & Nagamatsu, A. (2002). Inter-firm technology spillover and a virtuous cycle between R&D, market growth, and price reduction: The case of photovoltaic power generation development in Japan. In: Technological Change and the Environment. Eds. ORCID:, A., Nakicenovic, N. ORCID: & Nordhaus, W.D., Washington: Resources for the Future (RFF) Press. ISBN 1-891853-46-5


Griffy-Brown, C., Nagamatsu, A., Watanabe, C. & Zhu, B. ORCID: (2002). Technology Spillovers and Economic Vitality: An Analysis of Institutional Flexibility in Japan with Comparisons to the USA. IIASA Research Report (Reprint). IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-03-003. Reprinted from International Journal of Technology Management, 23(7/8):746-768 [2002].

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