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Caulkins, J.p., Feichtinger, G., Grass, D., Hartl, R.F., Kort, P.M., Novak, A.J., Seidl, A. & Wirl, F. (2014). A Dynamic Analysis of Schelling’s Binary Corruption Model: A Competitive Equilibrium Approach. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 161 (2), 608-625. 10.1007/s10957-013-0420-7.

Jorgensen, S.A., Feichtinger, G. & Novak, A. (1999). Petrarch's "Canzoniere": Rational addiction and amorous cycles. Journal of Mathematical Sociology 23 (3), 225-240. 10.1080/0022250X.1999.9990221.

Feichtinger, G. & Novak, A. (1996). Persistent oscillations in a threshold adjustment model. Mathematical Modelling of System 10.1080/13873959608837038.

Novak, A., Kaitala, V. & Feichtinger, G. (1995). Resource leasing and optimal periodic capital investments. Zeitschrift fuer Operations Research 42 (1), 47-67. 10.1007/BF01415673.

Feichtinger, G. & Novak, A. (1994). Optimal pulsing in an advertising diffusion model. Optimal Control Applications and Methods 15 (4), 267-276. 10.1002/oca.4660150405.

Feichtinger, G. & Novak, A. (1994). Differential game model of the dynastic cycle: 3D-canonical system with a stable limit cycle. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 80 (3), 407-423. 10.1007/BF02207772.

Feichtinger, G., Novak, A. & Wirl, F. (1994). Limit cycles in intertemporal adjustment models: Theory and applications. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 18 (2), 353-380. 10.1016/0165-1889(94)90013-2.

Book Section

Feichtinger, G., Dawid, H., Novak, A. & Wirl, F. (1997). Indeterminancy of open-loop Nash equilibria: The ruling class versus the tabloid press. In: Uncertainty: Models and Measures. Eds. Natke, H.G. & Ben-Haim, Y., Berlin: Akademie Verlag. ISBN 3-05-501740-4

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