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Ahlström, J., Jafri, Y., Wetterlund, E. & Furusjö, E. (2023). Sustainable aviation fuels – Options for negative emissions and high carbon efficiency. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 125, e103886. 10.1016/j.ijggc.2023.103886.

Nwachukwu, C.M., Olofsson, E., Lundmark, R. & Wetterlund, E. (2022). Evaluating fuel switching options in the Swedish iron and steel industry under increased competition for forest biomass. Applied Energy 324, e119878. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2022.119878.

Zetterholm, J., Mossberg, J., Jafri, Y. & Wetterlund, E. (2022). We need stable, long-term policy support! — Evaluating the economic rationale behind the prevalent investor lament for forest-based biofuel production. Applied Energy 318, e119044. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2022.119044.

Ramirez Camargo, L., Castro, G., Gruber, K., Jewell, J. ORCID:, Klingler, M., Turkovska, O., Wetterlund, E. & Schmidt, J. (2022). Pathway to a land-neutral expansion of Brazilian renewable fuel production. Nature Communications 13 (1), e3157. 10.1038/s41467-022-30850-2.

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Jafri, Y., Wetterlund, E., Mesfun, S., Rådberg, H., Mossberg, J., Hulteberg, C. & Furusjö, E. (2020). Combining expansion in pulp capacity with production of sustainable biofuels – Techno-economic and greenhouse gas emissions assessment of drop-in fuels from black liquor part-streams. Applied Energy 279, e115879. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2020.115879.

Zetterholm, J., Bryngemark, E., Ahlström, J., Söderholm, P., Harvey, S. & Wetterlund, E. (2020). Economic Evaluation of Large-Scale Biorefinery Deployment: A Framework Integrating Dynamic Biomass Market and Techno-Economic Models. Sustainability 12 (17), e7126. 10.3390/su12177126.

Höltinger, S., Mikovits, C., Schmidt, J., Baumgartner, J., Arheimer, B., Lindström, G. & Wetterlund, E. (2019). The impact of climatic extreme events on the feasibility of fully renewable power systems: a case study for Sweden. Energy 178, 695-713. 10.1016/

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Zetterholm, J., Pettersson, K., Leduc, S., Mesfun, S. ORCID:, Lundgren, J. & Wetterlund, E. (2018). Resource efficiency or economy of scale: Biorefinery supply chain configurations for co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis liquids. Applied Energy 230, 912-924. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.09.018.

Carvalho, L., Lundgren, J., Wetterlund, E., Wolf, J. & Furusjö, E. (2018). Methanol production via black liquor co-gasification with expanded raw material base – Techno-economic assessment. Applied Energy 225, 570-584. 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.04.052.

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Mesfun, S. ORCID:, Sanchez, D.L., Leduc, S., Wetterlund, E., Lundgren, J., Biberracher, M. & Kraxner, F. (2017). Power-to-gas and power-to-liquid for managing renewable electricity intermittency in the Alpine Region. Renewable Energy 107, 361-372. 10.1016/j.renene.2017.02.020.

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Wetterlund, E., Leduc, S., Dotzauer, E. & Kindermann, G. ORCID: (2013). Optimal use of forest residues in Europe under different policies-second generation biofuels versus combined heat and power. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 3 (1), 3-16. 10.1007/s13399-012-0054-2.

Wetterlund, E., Leduc, S., Dotzauer, E. & Kindermann, G. ORCID: (2012). Optimal localisation of biofuel production on a European scale. Energy 41 (1), 462-472. 10.1016/

Leduc, S., Wetterlund, E., Dotzauer, E. & Kindermann, G. ORCID: (2012). CHP or biofuel production in Europe? Energy Procedia, 40-49. 10.1016/j.egypro.2012.03.006.

Book Section

Patrizio, P., Leduc, S., Kraxner, F., Fuß, S., Kindermann, G. ORCID:, Spokas, K., Wetterlund, E., Lundgren, J., Yowargana, P. & Obersteiner, M. ORCID: (2019). Killing two birds with one stone: a negative emissions strategy for a soft landing of the US coal sector. In: Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage. Eds. Pires, J.C. & da Cunha Goncalves, A.L., pp. 219-236 Academic Press. ISBN 9780128166000 10.1016/B978-0-12-816229-3.00011-9.

Zetterholm, J., Mossberg, J., Lundgren, J. & Wetterlund, E. (2019). Evaluating investments in integrated biofuel production - Factoring in uncertainty through real options analysis. In: 32nd International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems. pp. 1911-1922 Wroclaw; Poland: Institute of Thermal Technology. ISBN 978-836150651-5

Leduc, S., Wetterlund, E., Dotzauer, E., Schmidt, J., Natarajan, K. & Khatiwada, D. (2015). Policies and modeling of energy systems for reaching European bioenergy targets. In: Handbook of Clean Energy Systems. Eds. Yan, Jinyue, Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 9781118991978 10.1002/9781118991978.


Wetterlund, E. (2010). Optimal Localization of Biofuel Production on a European Scale. IIASA Interim Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: IR-10-020

Conference or Workshop Item

Leduc, S., Wetterlund, E., Dotzauer, E. & Kindermann, G. ORCID: (2012). Biofuel Production from Wood in Europe. In: Worlds Within Reach: From Science To Policy - IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference, 24-26 October 2012, Hofburg Congress Center, Vienna and IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria.

Leduc, S., Wetterlund, E. & Dotzauer, E. (2010). Biofuel production in Europe - Potential from lignocellulosic waste. In: Proceedings Venice 2010, Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste), 8-11 November 2010.


Lundmark, R., Forsell, N., Leduc, S., Lundgren, J., Ouraich, I., Pettersson, K. & Wetterlund, E. (2018). Large-scale implementation of biorefineries: New value chains, products and efficient biomass feedstock utilisation. Lulea Tekniska Universtet, IIASA, RISE

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