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Ermoliev, Y., Ermolieva, T., Havlik, P., Mosnier, A., Leclere, D., Fritz, S., Obersteiner, M., Kyryzyuk, S. & Borodina, O. (2017). Robust downscaling approaches to disaggregation of data and projections under uncertainties: Case of land use and land use change systems. Cybernetics and Systems analysis 53 (1): 31-41.

Ermolieva, T., Havlík, P., Ermoliev, Y., Mosnier, A., Obersteiner, M., Leclère, D., Khabarov, N., Valin, H. & Reuter, W. (2016). Integrated Management of Land Use Systems under Systemic Risks and Security Targets: A Stochastic Global Biosphere Management Model. Journal of Agricultural Economics 67 (3): 584-601. DOI:10.1111/1477-9552.12173.

Ermolieva, T., Filatova, T., Ermoliev, Y., Obersteiner, M., de Bruijn, K. M. & Jeuken, A. (2016). Flood Catastrophe Model for Designing Optimal Flood Insurance Program: Estimating Location-Specific Premiums in the Netherlands. Risk Analysis: 1-17. DOI:10.1111/risa.12589.

Borodina, O., Kyryzyuk, S., Yarovyi, V., Ermoliev, Y. & Ermolieva, T. (2016). Modeling local land uses under the global change. Economics and Forecasting 1: 117-128.

Gorbachuk, V.M., Ermoliev, Y. & Ermolieva, T. (2016). Two stage model of ecological and economic decisions. Odesa National University Herald, Series in Economics 21 (9): 142-147.

Ermoliev, Y. & Knopov, P.S. (2006). Method of empirical means in stochastic programming problems. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 42 (6): 773-785. DOI:10.1007/s10559-006-0118-z.

Ermoliev, Y. (2005). Learning and adoption versus optimization. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1237: p. 2. DOI:10.1007/3-540-63077-5_20.

Ermoliev, Y. & Norkin, V. I. (2003). Solution of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Stochastic Optimization Problems. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 39 (5): 701-715. DOI:10.1023/B:CASA.0000012091.84864.65.

Bonatti, M., Ermoliev, Y.M. & Gaivoronski, A.A. (1998). Modeling of multi-agent market systems in the presence of uncertainty: The case of information economy. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 24 (3-4): 93-113. DOI:10.1016/S0921-8890(98)00025-6.

Book Section

Soloviev, A., Maksimov, V., Rozenberg, V. & Ermoliev, Y. (2002). Block Models of Lithosphere Dynamics: Approach and Algorithms. In: Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics. Eds. Wyrzykowski, R., Dongarra, J., Paprzycki, M. & Wasniewski, J., Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2328 . pp. 572-579 Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-43792-5 DOI:10.1007/3-540-48086-2_63.

Conference or Workshop Item

Ermolieva, T., Ermoliev, Y., Jonas, M., Makowski, M., Obersteiner, M., Wagner, F. & Winiwarter, W. (2012). Cost-effective and environmentally safe GHG emissions trading and abatement under uncertainties. In: Worlds Within Reach: From Science To Policy - IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference, 24-26 October 2012, Hofburg Congress Center, Vienna and IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria.

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