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Zhu, L., Ciais, P., Bastos, A., Ballantyne, A.P., Chevallier, F., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Kondo, M., Pongratz, J., Rödenbeck, C. & Li, W. (2021). Decadal variability in land carbon sink efficiency. Carbon Balance and Management 16 (1) 10.1186/s13021-021-00178-3.

Nicholls, Z., Meinshausen, M., Lewis, J., Corradi, M. Rojas, Dorheim, K., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Gieseke, R., Hope, A. P., Leach, N. J., McBride, L. A. et al. (2021). Reduced Complexity Model Intercomparison Project Phase 2: Synthesizing Earth System Knowledge for Probabilistic Climate Projections. Earth's Future 9 (6), e2020EF001900. 10.1029/2020EF001900.

Melnikova, I., Boucher, O., Cadule, P., Ciais, P., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Quilcaille, Y., Shiogama, H., Tachiiri, K., Yokohata, T. & Tanaka, K. (2021). Carbon Cycle Response to Temperature Overshoot Beyond 2°C: An Analysis of CMIP6 Models. Earth's Future 9 (5) 10.1029/2020EF001967.

Fu, B., Li, B., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Tao, S., Ciais, P., Piao, S., Balkanski, Y., Li, W., Yin, T., Han, L. et al. (2021). The contributions of individual countries and regions to the global radiative forcing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (15), e2018211118. 10.1073/pnas.2018211118.

Ciais, P., Yao, Y., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Baccini, A., Wang, Y., Lauerwald, R., Peng, S., Bastos, A., Li, W., Raymond, P.A. et al. (2021). Empirical estimates of regional carbon budgets imply reduced global soil heterotrophic respiration. National Science Review, nwaa145. 10.1093/nsr/nwaa145.

Chang, J. ORCID:, Gasser, T. ORCID:, Smith, P., Herrero, M., Havlik, P. ORCID:, Obersteiner, M. ORCID:, Guenet, B., Goll, D.S., Li, W., Naipal, V. et al. (2021). Climate warming from managed grasslands cancels the cooling effect of carbon sinks in sparsely grazed and natural grasslands. Nature Communications 10.1038/s41467-020-20406-7.

Friedlingstein, P., O'Sullivan, M., Jones, M., Andrew, R., Hauck, J., Olsen, A., Peters, G., Peters, W., Pongratz, J., Sitch, S. et al. (2020). Global Carbon Budget 2020. Earth System Science Data Discussions 12 (4), 3269-3340. 10.5194/essd-12-3269-2020.

Nicholls, Z.R.J., Meinshausen, M., Lewis, J., Gieseke, R., Dommenget, D., Dorheim, K., Fan, C.-S., Fuglestvedt, J.S., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Golüke, U. et al. (2020). Reduced Complexity Model Intercomparison Project Phase 1: introduction and evaluation of global-mean temperature response. Geoscientific Model Development 13 (11), 5175-5190. 10.5194/gmd-13-5175-2020.

Gasser, T. ORCID:, Crepin, L., Quilcaille, Y., Houghton, R.A., Ciais, P. & Obersteiner, M. ORCID: (2020). Historical CO2 emissions from land-use and land-cover change and their uncertainty. Biogeosciences 17, 4075-4101. 10.5194/bg-2020-33.

Fu, B., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Li, B., Tao, S., Ciais, P., Piao, S., Balkanski, Y., Li, W., Yin, T., Han, L. et al. (2020). Short-lived climate forcers have long-term climate impacts via the carbon–climate feedback. Nature Climate Change 10.1038/s41558-020-0841-x.

Li, W., Li, B., Tao, S., Ciais, P., Piao, S., Shen, G., Peng, S., Wang, R., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Balkanski, Y. et al. (2020). Missed atmospheric organic phosphorus emitted by terrestrial plants, part 2: Experiment of volatile phosphorus. Environmental Pollution 258, e113728. 10.1016/j.envpol.2019.113728.

Lade, S.J., Norberg, J., Anderies, J.M., Beer, C., Cornell, S.E., Donges, J.F., Fetzer, I., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Richardson, K., Rockström, J. et al. (2019). Potential feedbacks between loss of biosphere integrity and climate change. Global Sustainability 2, e21. 10.1017/sus.2019.18.

Liu, Y., Piao, S., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Ciais, P., Yang, H., Wang, H., Keenan, T.F., Huang, M., Wan, S., Song, J. et al. (2019). Field-experiment constraints on the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sink by CO₂ fertilization. Nature Geoscience 10.1038/s41561-019-0436-1.

Terrenoire, E., Hauglustaine, D.A., Gasser, T. ORCID: & Penanhoat, O. (2019). The contribution of carbon dioxide emissions from the aviation sector to future climate change. Environmental Research Letters 14 (8), e084019. 10.1088/1748-9326/ab3086.

Zhang, T., Wang, T., Krinner, G., Wang, X., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Peng, S., Piao, S. & Yao, T. (2019). The weakening relationship between Eurasian spring snow cover and Indian summer monsoon rainfall. Science Advances 5 (3), eaau8932. 10.1126/sciadv.aau8932.

Zhang, Y., Goll, D., Bastos, A., Balkanski, Y., Boucher, O., Cescatti, A., Collier, M., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Ghattas, J., Li, L. et al. (2019). Increased Global Land Carbon Sink Due to Aerosol‐Induced Cooling. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 (3), 439-457. 10.1029/2018GB006051.

Gasser, T. ORCID:, Kechiar, M., Ciais, P., Burke, E.J., Kleinen, T., Zhu, D., Huang, Y., Ekici, A. & Obersteiner, M. ORCID: (2018). Path-dependent reductions in CO2 emission budgets caused by permafrost carbon release. Nature Geoscience 11, 830-835. 10.1038/s41561-018-0227-0.

Lade, S.J., Donges, J.F., Fetzer, I., Anderies, J.M., Beer, C., Cornell, S.E., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Norberg, J., Richardson, K., Rockström, J. et al. (2018). Analytically tractable climate-carbon cycle feedbacks under 21st century anthropogenic forcing. Earth System Dynamics 9, 507-523. 10.5194/esd-2017-78.

Quilcaille, Y, Gasser, T. ORCID:, Ciais, P, Lecocq, F, Janssens-Maenhout, G & Mohr, S (2018). Uncertainty in projected climate change arising from uncertain fossil-fuel emission factors. Environmental Research Letters 13 (4), e044017. 10.1088/1748-9326/aab304.

Le Quéré, C., Andrew, R. M., Friedlingstein, P., Sitch, S., Pongratz, J., Manning, A. C., Korsbakken, J. I., Peters, G. P., Canadell, J. G., Jackson, R. B. et al. (2018). Global Carbon Budget 2017. Earth System Science Data Discussions 10 (1), 405-448. 10.5194/essd-10-405-2018.

Li, W., Ciais, P., Yue, C., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Peng, S. & Bastos, A. (2018). Gross changes in forest area shape the future carbon balance of tropical forests. Biogeosciences 15, 91-103. 10.5194/bg-2017-291.

Obersteiner, M. ORCID:, Bednar, J., Wagner, F. ORCID:, Gasser, T. ORCID:, Ciais, P., Forsell, N., Frank, S. ORCID:, Havlik, P. ORCID:, Valin, H. ORCID:, Janssens, I.A. et al. (2018). How to spend a dwindling greenhouse gas budget. Nature Climate Change 8 (1), 7-10. 10.1038/s41558-017-0045-1.

Gasser, T. ORCID:, Peters, G.P., Fuglestvedt, J.S., Collins, W.J., Shindell, D.T. & Ciais, P. (2017). Accounting for the climate-carbon feedback in emission metrics. Earth System Dynamics 8 (2), 235-253. 10.5194/esd-8-235-2017.

Book Section

Rogelj, J. ORCID:, Shindell, D., Jiang, K., Fifita, S., Forster, P., Ginzburg, V., Handa, C., Kheshgi, H., Kobayashi, S., Kriegler, E. et al. (2018). Chapter 2: Mitigation pathways compatible with 1.5°C in the context of sustainable development. In: Global Warming of 1.5 °C an IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Conference or Workshop Item

Quilcaille, Y., Gasser, T. ORCID:, Ciais, P., Lecocq, F. & Obersteiner, M. ORCID: (2019). Carbon budgets based on new climate projections of the SSP scenarios and observations. In: European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019, 7–12 April 2019, Vienna, Austria.


IPCC, (2021). Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. Cambridge University Press (In Press)

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