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Frank, S., Havlik, P., Stehfest, E., van Meijl, H., Witzke, P., Pérez-Domínguez, I., van Dijk, M., Doelman, J.C., Fellmann, T., Koopman, F.L., Tabeau, A. & Valin, H. (2019). Agricultural non-CO2 emission reduction potential in the context of the 1.5 °C target. Nature Climate Change 9 (1): 66-72. DOI:10.1038/s41558-018-0358-8.

van Meijl, H., Havlik, P., Lotze-Campen, H., Stehfest, E., Witzke, P., Domínguez, I.P., Bodirsky, B.L., van Dijk, M., Doelman, J., Fellmann, T., Humpenöder, F., Koopman, J.F.L., Müller, C., Popp, A., Tabeau, A., Valin, H. & van Zeist, W.-J. (2018). Comparing impacts of climate change and mitigation on global agriculture by 2050. Environmental Research Letters 13 (6): e064021. DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/aabdc4.

van Dijk, M., Morley, T., Jongeneel, R., van Ittersum, M., Reidsma, P. & Ruben, R. (2017). Disentangling agronomic and economic yield gaps: An integrated framework and application. Agricultural Systems 154: 90-99. DOI:10.1016/j.agsy.2017.03.004.

Smeets Kristkova, Z., Gardebroek, C., van Dijk, M. & van Meijl, H. (2017). The impact of R&D on factor-augmenting technical change – an empirical assessment at the sector level. Economic Systems Research: 1-33. DOI:10.1080/09535314.2017.1316707.

Book Section

See, L., Fritz, S., Moorthy, I., Danylo, O., van Dijk, M. & Ryan, B. (2018). Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development. In: From Summits to Solutions: Innovations in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Eds. Desai, R.M., Kato, H., Kharas, H. & McArthur, J.W., pp. 172-198 Brookings Institution Press. ISBN 9780815736639

Kristkova, Z,S,, van Dijk, M. & van Meijl, H. (2017). Assessing the Impact of Agricultural R&D Investments on Long-Term Projections of Food Security. In: World Agricultural Resources and Food Security. Eds. Schmitz, A., Kennedy, P.L. & Schmitz, T.G., pp. 1-17 United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing Limited. ISBN 978-1-78714-516-0 DOI:10.1108/S1574-871520170000017001.

van Dijk, M., Kroezen, J. & Slob, B. (2017). From Pilsner Desert to Craft Beer Oasis: The Rise of Craft Brewing in the Netherlands. In: Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer. pp. 259-293 Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave McMillan. ISBN 978-3-319-58235-1 DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-58235-1_10.

Conference or Workshop Item

Palazzo, A., van Dijk, M., Willaarts, B., Magnuszewski, P., Mayor Rodriguez, B., Burek, P., Kahil, T., Tang, T., Byers, E., Pachauri, S., Poblete Cazenave, M., Krisztin, T., Riahi, K., Krey, V., Wada, Y., Langan, S., Obersteiner, M. & Havlik, P. (2018). Integrated solutions for water, energy, and land nexus management the Zambezi Basin: stakeholder engagement and modeling. In: 3rd Zambezi Basin Stakeholders’ forum: Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus for Socio-Economic Benefits in the Zambezi River Basin, 8-9 October 2018, Lilongwe, Malawi.

van Dijk, M., You, L., Mosnier, A., Havlik, P. & Palazzo, A. (2018). Generating high-resolution national crop distribution maps: Combining statistics, gridded data and surveys using an optimization approach. In: 30th International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE), August 2018, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Palazzo, A., Havlik, P. & van Dijk, M. (2017). Future energy, food, and water trade-offs in the Zambezi river basin: A model analysis of Zambia. In: Global Food Security Conference, December 2017.

Palazzo, A., Havlik, P., Leclere, D., van Dijk, M. & Deppermann, A. (2017). Hotspots in land and water resource uses on the way toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In: Impacts World Conference, 11-13 Octover 2017.

van Dijk, M., Gramberger, M., Laborde, D., Mandryk, M., Shutes, L., Stehfest, E., Valin, H. & Zellmer, K. (2016). Scenarios to explore global food security up to 2050: Development process, storylines and quantification of drivers. In: International Association of Agricultural Economists 2015 Conference, 9-14 August 2015, Milan, Italy.

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