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González-Leonardo, M. (2023). Between leading and lagging. Region 10 (1), 147-158. 10.18335/region.v10i1.453.

González-Leonardo, M., Rowe, F. & Vegas-Sánchez, A. (2023). A ‘donut effect’? Assessing housing transactions during COVID-19 across the Spanish urban–rural hierarchy. Regional Studies, Regional Science 10 (1), 471-472. 10.1080/21681376.2023.2191684.

Rowe, F., González-Leonardo, M. & Champion, T. (2023). Virtual special issue: Internal migration in times of COVID‐19. Population, Space and Place, e2652. 10.1002/psp.2652. (In Press)

González-Leonardo, M., Potančoková, M. ORCID:, Yildiz, D. ORCID: & Rowe, F. (2023). Quantifying the impact of COVID-19 on immigration in receiving high-income countries. PLOS ONE 18 (1), e0280324. 10.1371/journal.pone.0280324.

González-Leonardo, M., Newsham, N. & Rowe, F. (2023). Understanding Population Decline Trajectories in Spain using Sequence Analysis. Geographical Analysis 10.1111/gean.12357.

Gonzalez-Leonardo, M., Rowe, F. & Fresolone-Caparrós, A. ORCID: (2022). Rural revival? The rise in internal migration to rural areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who moved and where? Journal of Rural Studies 96, 332-342. 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2022.11.006.

Gonzalez-Leonardo, M. & Spijker, J. (2022). The impact of Covid-19 on demographic components in Spain, 2020–31: A scenario approach. Population Studies, 1-17. 10.1080/00324728.2022.2138521.

Gonzalez-Leonardo, M. & Rowe, F. (2022). Visualizing the impact of COVID-19 on internal and international migration in the Spanish provinces. Regional Studies, Regional Science 9 (1), 600-602. 10.1080/21681376.2022.2125824.

Gonzalez-Leonardo, M. & Spijker, J. (2022). El impacto demográfico de la COVID-19 durante 2020 y sus diferencias regionales. ¿Cómo afectará la pandemia al futuro de la población española? [The demographic impact of COVID-19 during 2020 and its regional differences. How will the pandemic affect Spain's future population?]. Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles (93) 10.21138/bage.3201.

Gonzalez-Leonardo, M., López‐Gay, A., Newsham, N., Recaño, J. & Rowe, F. (2022). Understanding patterns of internal migration during the COVID‐19 pandemic in Spain. Population, Space and Place 28, e2578. 10.1002/psp.2578.

González-Leonardo, M., Bernard, A., García-Román, J. & López-Gay, A. (2022). Educational selectivity of native and foreign-born internal migrants in Europe. Demographic Research 47, 1033-1046. 10.4054/DemRes.2022.47.34.

González-Leonardo, M., López-Gay, A. & Esteve, A. (2022). Interregional migration of human capital in Spain. Regional Studies, Regional Science 9 (1), 324-342. 10.1080/21681376.2022.2060131.

Rowe, F., Neville, R. & González-Leonardo, Miguel Sensing Population Displacement from Ukraine Using Facebook Data: Potential Impacts and Settlement Areas. OSF Preprints 10.31219/ (Submitted)


Potančoková, M. ORCID:, Marois, G. ORCID: & González-Leonardo, M. (2023). Discussion paper: Demographic and labour force implications of high immigration events scenarios. IIASA Report. Laxenburg: IIASA


Potančoková, M. ORCID:, Sadler, J., Bijak, J., González-Leonardo, M. & Soto-Nishimura, A. (2023). Documentation of QuantMig Web tools for Data and Simulations. QuantMig Project Deliverable D10.4. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

González-Leonardo, M. & Potančoková, M. ORCID: (2023). Technical Report : User Guide to Scenarios. QuantMig Project Deliverable D10.3. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Marois, G. ORCID:, Potančoková, M. ORCID: & González-Leonardo, M. (2023). Technical report: QuantMig-Mic microsimulation population projection model. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

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