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Liu, J., Kiesewetter, G., Klimont, Z. ORCID:, Cofala, J., Heyes, C., Schöpp, W., Zhu, T., Cao, G., Gomez Sanabria, A., Sander, R., Guo, F., Zhang, Q., Nguyen, B., Bertok, I., Rafaj, P. & Amann, M. (2019). Mitigation pathways of air pollution from residential emissions in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in China. Environment International 125: 236-244. DOI:10.1016/j.envint.2018.09.059.

Gomez Sanabria, A., Höglund Isaksson, L., Rafaj, P. & Schöpp, W. (2018). Carbon in global waste and wastewater flows – its potential as energy source under alternative future waste management regimes. Advances in Geosciences 45: 105-113. DOI:10.5194/adgeo-45-105-2018.

Danylo, O., See, L., Gomez Sanabria, A., Schnabel, G. & Fritz, S. (2017). Using the LCZ framework for change detection and urban growth monitoring. Geophysical Research Abstracts 19: p. 18043.

Book Section

Amann, M., Jiming, H., Borken-Kleefeld, J., Cofala, J., Gomez Sanabria, A., Heyes, C., Höglund Isaksson, L., Kiesewetter, G., Klimont, Z., Nguyen, B., Purohit, P., Rafaj, P., Sander, R., Wagner, F., Schöpp, W., Kuylenstierna, J., Wang, S., Ye, W., Shindell, D., Seltzer, K. & Borgford-Parnell, N. (2019). Scenarios and Solutions. In: Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-based solutions. pp. 61-100 Bangkok, Thailand: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). ISBN 978-92-807-3725-7


Amann, M., Klimont, Z. ORCID:, An Ha, T., Rafaj, P., Kiesewetter, G., Gomez Sanabria, A., Nguyen, B., Thi Thu, T.N., Thuy, K., Schöpp, W., Borken-Kleefeld, J. ORCID:, Höglund Isaksson, L. ORCID:, Wagner, F. ORCID:, Sander, R., Heyes, C., Cofala, J., Trung, N.Q., Dat, N.T. & Tung, N.N. (2019). Future air quality in Ha Noi and northern Vietnam. IIASA Research Report. Laxenburg, Austria: RR-19-003

Cofala, J., Amann, M., Borken-Kleefeld, J. ORCID:, Gomez Sanabria, A., Heyes, C., Kiesewetter, G., Sander, R., Schöpp, W., Holland, M., Fagerli, H. & Nyiri, A. (2018). Final Report The potential for cost-effective air emission reductions from international shipping through designation of further Emission Control Areas in EU waters with focus on the Mediterranean Sea. IIASA Research Report. Laxenburg, Austria: RR-18-002

Höglund Isaksson, L., Winiwarter, W., Purohit, P. & Gomez-Sanabria, A. (2016). Non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the EU-28 from 2005 to 2050: GAINS model methodology. IIASA Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Conference or Workshop Item

Purohit, P. ORCID:, Amann, M., Kiesewetter, G., Rafaj, P., Chaturvedi, V., Dholakia, H., Nagarkoti, P., Klimont, Z. ORCID:, Borken-Kleefeld, J. ORCID:, Gomez Sanabria, A., Schöpp, W. & Sander, R. (2019). Pathways towards clean air in India. In: European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019, 7–12 April 2019, Vienna, Austria.


Schöpp, W. & Gomez Sanabria, A. (2018). High resolution Urban Population for Asian Cities.


Purohit, P. ORCID:, Amann, M., Kiesewetter, G., Chaturvedi, V., Rafaj, P., Dholakia, H.H., Nagar Koti, P., Klimont, Z. ORCID:, Borken-Kleefeld, J. ORCID:, Gómez-Sanabria, A., Schöpp, W. & Sander, R. (2019). Pathways to Achieve National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in India. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

Capros, P., De Vita, A., Tasios, N., Siskos, P., Kannavou, M., Petropoulos, A., Evangelopoulou, S., Zampara, M., Papadopoulos, D., Nakos, Ch., Paroussos, L., Fragiadakis, K., Tsani, S., Karkatsoulis, P., Fragkos, P., Kouvaritakis, N., Höglund Isaksson, L. ORCID:, Winiwarter, W. ORCID:, Purohit, P. ORCID:, Gomez Sanabria, A., Frank, S. ORCID:, Forsell, N., Gusti, M., Havlik, P., Obersteiner, M. ORCID:, Witzke, H.P. & Kesting, M. (2016). EU Reference Scenario 2016 - Energy, transport and GHG emissions Trends to 2050. European Commission Directorate - General for Energy, Directorate - General for Climate Action and Directorate - General for Mobility and Transport , Luxembourg.

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