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Di Fulvio, F., Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Obersteiner, M. & Hellweg, S. (2019). Spatially explicit LCA analysis of biodiversity losses due to different bioenergy policies in the European Union. Science of the Total Environment 651: 1505-1516. DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.08.419.

Grönlund, Örjan, Di Fulvio, Fulvio ORCID:, Bergström, Dan, Djupström, Line, Eliasson, Lars, Erlandsson, Emanuel, Forsell, Nicklas & Korosuo, Anu (2018). Mapping of voluntary set-aside forests intended for nature conservation management in Sweden. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research: 1-12. DOI:10.1080/02827581.2018.1555279. (In Press)

Ouraich, I., Wetterlund, E., Forsell, N. & Lundmark, R. (2018). A spatial-explicit price impact analysis of increased biofuel production on forest feedstock markets: A scenario analysis for Sweden. Biomass and Bioenergy 119: 364-380. DOI:10.1016/j.biombioe.2018.09.029.

Gusti, M., Forsell, N., Havlik, P., Khabarov, N., Kraxner, F. & Obersteiner, M. (2018). The sensitivity of the costs of reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) to future socioeconomic drivers and its implications for mitigation policy design. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change DOI:10.1007/s11027-018-9817-9. (In Press)

Roelfsema, M., Fekete, H., Höhne, N., den Elzen, M., Forsell, N., Kuramochi, T., de Coninck, H. & van Vuuren, D. (2018). Reducing global GHG emissions by replicating successful sector examples: the ‘good practice policies’ scenario. Climate Policy: 1-11. DOI:10.1080/14693062.2018.1481356. (In Press)

Obersteiner, M., Bednar, J., Wagner, F., Gasser, T., Ciais, P., Forsell, N., Frank, S., Havlik, P., Valin, H., Janssens, I.A., Peñuelas, J. & Schmidt-Traub, G. (2018). How to spend a dwindling greenhouse gas budget. Nature Climate Change 8 (1): 7-10. DOI:10.1038/s41558-017-0045-1.

Forsell, N., Eriksson, O.L., Athanassiadis, D. & Assoumou, E. (2018). Swedish Forest Harvest Level Considering Demand of Biomass for Energy Purposes. FORMATH 17 DOI:10.15684/formath.17.003.

Lauri, P., Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Havlik, P., Obersteiner, M. & Nordin, A. (2017). Impact of the 2 °C target on global woody biomass use. Forest Policy and Economics 83: 121-130. DOI:10.1016/j.forpol.2017.07.005.

van Soest, H.L., de Boer, H.S, Roelfsema, M., den Elzen, M.G.J., Admiraal, A., van Vuuren, D.P., Hof, A.F., van den Berg, M., Harmsen, M.J.H.M., Gernaat, D.E.H.J. & Forsell, N. (2017). Early action on Paris Agreement allows for more time to change energy systems. Climatic Change 144 (2): 165-179. DOI:10.1007/s10584-017-2027-8.

Kim, M., Lee, W.-K., Choi, G.-M., Song, C., Lim, C.-H., Moon, J., Piao, D., Kraxner, F., Shvidenko, A. & Forsell, N. (2017). Modeling stand-level mortality based on maximum stem number and seasonal temperature. Forest Ecology and Management 386: 37-50. DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2016.12.001.

Fricko, O., Havlik, P., Rogelj, J., Klimont, Z., Gusti, M., Johnson, N., Kolp, P., Strubegger, M., Valin, H., Amann, M., Ermolieva, T., Forsell, N., Herrero, M., Heyes, C., Kindermann, G., Krey, V., McCollum, D., Obersteiner, M., Pachauri, S., Rao, S., Schmid, E., Schöpp, W. & Riahi, K. (2017). The marker quantification of the Shared Socioeconomic Pathway 2: A middle-of-the-road scenario for the 21st century. Global Environmental Change 42: 251-267. DOI:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2016.06.004.

Schipfer, F., Kranzl, L., Leclere, D., Leduc, S., Forsell, N. & Valin, H. (2017). Advanced biomaterials scenarios for the EU28 up to 2050 and their respective biomass demand. Biomass and Bioenergy 96: 19-27. DOI:10.1016/j.biombioe.2016.11.002.

Ghafghazi, S., Lochhead, K., Mathey, A.-H., Forsell, N., Leduc, S., Mabee, W. & Bull, G. (2017). Estimating Mill Residue Surplus in Canada: A Spatial Forest Fiber Cascade Modeling Approach. Forest Products Journal 67 (3-4): 205-218. DOI:10.13073/FPJ-D-16-00031.

Forsell, N., Turkovska, O., Gusti, M., den Elzen, M., Obersteiner, M. & Havlik, P. (2016). Assessing the INDCs' land use, land use change, and forest emission projections. Carbon Balance and Management 11 (26): 1-17. DOI:10.1186/s13021-016-0068-3.

Sung, S., Forsell, N., Kindermann, G. & Lee, D.K. (2016). Estimating Net Primary Productivity under Climate Change by Application of Global Forest Model (G4M). Journal of the Korean Society People, Plants, and Environment 19 (6): 549-558. DOI:10.11628/ksppe.2016.19.6.549.

Choi, H-A., Lee, W-K., Song, C., Forsell, N., Jeon, S., Kim, J.S. & Kim, S.R. (2016). Selecting and applying quantification models for ecosystem services to forest ecosystems in South Korea. Journal of Forestry Research 27 (6): 1373-1384. DOI:10.1007/s11676-016-0259-5.

Hendriks, C., Forsell, N., Kiesewetter, G., Schaap, M. & Schöpp, W. (2016). Ozone concentrations and damage for realistic future European climate and air quality scenarios. Atmospheric Environment 144: 208-219. DOI:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2016.08.026.

Di Fulvio, F., Forsell, N., Lindroos, O., Korosuo, A. & Gusti, M. (2016). Spatially explicit assessment of roundwood and logging residues availability and costs for the EU28. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 31 (7): 691-707. DOI:10.1080/02827581.2016.1221128.

Nordström, E.-M., Forsell, N., Lundström, A., Korosuo, A., Bergh, J., Havlik, P., Kraxner, F., Frank, S., Fricko, O., Lundmark, T. & Nordin, A. (2016). Impacts of global climate change mitigation scenarios on forests and harvesting in Sweden. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 46 (12): 1427-1438. DOI:10.1139/cjfr-2016-0122.

Den Elzen, M., Admiraal, A., Roelfsema, M., van Soest, H., Hof, A.F. & Forsell, N. (2016). Contribution of the G20 economies to the global impact of the Paris agreement climate proposals. Climatic Change 137 (3): 655-665. DOI:10.1007/s10584-016-1700-7.

Lochhead, K., Ghafghazi, S., Havlik, P., Forsell, N., Obersteiner, M., Bull, G. & Mabee, W. (2016). Price trends and volatility scenarios for designing forest sector transformation. Energy Economics 57: 184-191. DOI:10.1016/j.eneco.2016.05.001.

den Elzen, M., Fekete, H., Hoeho, N., Admiraal, A., Forsell, N., Hof, A.F., Olivier, J.G.J., Roelfsma, M. & van Soest, H. (2016). Greenhouse gas emissions from current and enhanced policies of China until 2030: can emissions peak before 2030. Energy Policy 89: 224-236. DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2015.11.030.

Turkovska, O., Gusti, M., Lauri, P., Forsell, N., Havlik, P. & Obersteiner, M. (2015). Linear optimization of forest management for dynamic recursive model. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 5 (4): 12-18. DOI:10.15587/1729-4061.2015.50966.

Lauri, P., Havlik, P., Kindermann, G., Forsell, N., Bottcher, H. & Obersteiner, M. (2014). Woody biomass energy potential in 2050. Energy Policy 66: 19-31. DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2013.11.033.

Book Section

Schelhaas, M.-J., Nabuurs, G.-J., Verkerk, P.J., Hengeveld, G., Packalen, T., Sallnäs, O., Pilli, R., Grassi, G., Forsell, N., Frank, S., Gusti, M. & Havlik, P. (2017). Forest Resource Projection Tools at the European Level. In: Forest Inventory-based Projection Systems for Wood and Biomass Availability. Eds. Barreiro, S., Schelhaas, M.-J., McRoberts, R.E. & Kändler, G., pp. 49-68 Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-319-56201-8 DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-56201-8_4.

Elbersen, B., Forsell, N., Leduc, S., Staritsky, I., Witzke, P. & Ramirez-Almeyda, J. (2017). Existing Modeling Platforms for Biomass Supply in Europe. In: Modeling and Optimization of Biomass Supply Chains - Top-Down and Bottom-Up Assessment for Agricultural, Forest and Waste Feedstock. Eds. Panoutsou, C., pp. 25-54 London, UK: Academic Press. ISBN 978-0-12-812303-4 DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-812303-4.00002-1.

Gusti, M., Khabarov, N. & Forsell, N. (2015). Sensitivity of marginal abatement cost curves to variation of G4M parameters. In: Proceedings, 4th International Workshop on Uncertainty in Atmospheric Emissions, 7-9 October 2015, Krakow, Poland. pp. 152-158 Warsaw, Poland: Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. ISBN 83-894-7557-X

Leduc, S., Kindermann, G., Forsell, N. & Kraxner, F. (2015). Bioenergy potential from forest biomass. In: Handbook of Clean Energy Systems. Eds. Yan, Jinyue, Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 9781118991978 DOI:10.1002/9781118991978.

See, L., Kraxner, F., Fuss, S., Perger, C., Schill, C., Aoki, K., Leduc, S., McCallum, I., Forsell, N. & Fritz, S. (2015). The potential of crowdsourcing for the renewable energy sector. In: Handbook of Clean Energy Systems. Eds. Yan, Jinyue, Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 9781118991978 DOI:10.1002/9781118991978.

Conference or Workshop Item

Havlik, P., Valin, H., Mosnier, A., Forsell, N., Frank, S., Leclère, D., Palazzo, A., Ermolieva, T., Gusti, M., Balkovič, J., Skalsky, R., Schmid, E., Herrero, M., Kraxner, F. & Obersteiner, M. (2015). Integrated Multi-scale Modeling Framework for Assessment of Land-use Related Challenges under Global Change. In: Systems Analysis 2015 - A Conference in Celebration of Howard Raiffa, 11 -13 November, 2015, Laxenburg, Austria.

Kleinwechter, Ulrich, Levesque, Antoine, Havlik, P., Forsell, N., Zhang, Y.W., Fricko, O. & Obersteiner, M. (2015). Global food efficiency of climate change mitigation in agriculture. In: International Association of Agricultural Economists 2015 Conference, 9-14 August 2015, Milan, Italy.

Forsell, N., Havlik, P., Korosuo, A., Kraxner, F., Frank, S., Valin, H., Gusti, M., Zhang, W., Nordin, A., Lunmark, T. & Obersteiner, M. (2015). Global harvesting of wood under different socio-economic and climate mitigation scenarios. In: 17th IBFRA Conference, Towards A New Era of Forest Science in the Boreal Region, 24-29 May 2015, Rovaniemi, Finland.


Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Lauri, P., Gusti, M., Havlik, P., Böttcher, H. & Hennenberg, K. (2016). Follow-up study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy (ReceBio follow-up). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. ISBN 978-92-79-64433-7

Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Havlik, P., Valin, H., Lauri, P., Gusti, M., Kindermann, G., Obersteiner, M., Böttcher, H., Hennenberg, K., Hünecke, K., Wiegmann, K., Bowyer, C., Nanni, S., Allen, B., Poláková, J., Fitzgerland, J. & Linder, M. (2016). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy (ReceBio). Final report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. ISBN 978-92-79-58757-3


van Soest, H., Den Elzen, M., Forsell, N., Esmeijer, K. & van Vuuren, D. (2018). Global and Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Neutrality. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Fedeirici, S., Gusti, M., Rincón-Cristóbal, J.J., Ruter, S., Sánchez-Jiménez, B., Dore, C., Brajterman, O. & Gardiner, J. (2018). Guidance on developing and reporting the Forest Reference Levels in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/841. European Commission DOI:10.2834/782602.

Lundmark, R., Forsell, N., Leduc, S., Lundgren, J., Ouraich, I., Pettersson, K. & Wetterlund, E. (2018). Large-scale implementation of biorefineries: New value chains, products and efficient biomass feedstock utilisation. Lulea Tekniska Universtet, IIASA, RISE

Kuramochi, T., Fekete, H., Hans, F., Luna, L., Gonzales-Zuniga, S., Sterl, S., Hagemann, M., Hohne, N., van Soest, H., den Elzen, M., Esmeijer, K., Roelfsema, M., Forsell, N. & Turkovska, O. (2017). Greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for major emitting countries: Analysis of current climate policies and mitigation commitments 2017 update. New Climate Institute

Kuramochi, T., Höhne, N., Gonzales-Zuñiga,, S., Hans, F., Sterl, S., Hagemann, M., Legaria, E.H., den Elzen, M., Roelfsema, M., van Soest, H., Forsell, N. & Turkovska, O. (2016). Greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for major emitting countries: Analysis of current climate policies and mitigation pledges. New Climate Institute , Germany.

Capros, P., De Vita, A., Tasios, N., Siskos, P., Kannavou, M., Petropoulos, A., Evangelopoulou, S., Zampara, M., Papadopoulos, D., Nakos, Ch., Paroussos, L., Fragiadakis, K., Tsani, S., Karkatsoulis, P., Fragkos, P., Kouvaritakis, N., Höglund Isaksson, L., Winiwarter, W., Purohit, P., Gomez Sanabria, A., Frank, S., Forsell, N., Gusti, M., Havlik, P., Obersteiner, M., Witzke, H.P. & Kesting, M. (2016). EU Reference Scenario 2016 - Energy, transport and GHG emissions Trends to 2050. European Commission Directorate - General for Energy, Directorate - General for Climate Action and Directorate - General for Mobility and Transport , Luxembourg.

Böttcher, H., Henneberg, K. & Forsell, N. (2016). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy. Task 4: Resource efficiency implications of the scenarios. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 77 pp. , Luxembourg.

Fitzgerald, J., Bowyer, C., Nanni, S., Forsell, N., Korosuo, A. & Lindner, M. (2016). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy. Task 5: Case Studies. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 46 pp.

Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Havlik, P., Valin, H., Lauri, P., Gusti, M., Kindermann, G. & Obersteiner, M. (2016). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy. Task 3: Modelling of impacts of an increased EU bioenergy demand on biomass production, use and prices. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 109 pp.

Rüter, S., Werner, F., Forsell, N., Prins, C., Vial, E. & Levet, A.-L. (2016). ClimWood2030, Climate benefits of material substitution by forest biomass and harvested wood products: Perspective 2030 - Final Report. Braunschweig : Thünen-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ländliche Räume, Wald und Fischerei , Braunschweig, Germany. DOI:10.3220/REP1468328990000.

Havlik, P., Valin, H., Gusti, M., Schmid, E., Leclère, D., Forsell, N., Herrero, M., Khabarov, N., Mosnier, A., Cantele, M. & Obersteiner, M. (2015). Climate change impacts and mitigation in the developing world: An Integrated Assessment of the Agriculture and Forestry Sectors. Policy Research Working Paper No. WPS 7477. The World Bank Group , Washington, D.C., USA.

Fekete, H., Roelfsema, M., Hoehne, N., den Elzen, M., Forsell, N. & Becerra, S. (2015). Impacts of good practice policies on regional and global greenhouse gas emissions. Report prepared by PBL/NewClimate Institute/IIASA under contract to DG CLIMA. Service Contract n0071303/2011662342/SER/CLIMA.A4

Nordstrom, E.-M., Lundstrom, A., Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Havlik, P., Kraxner, F., Bergh, J., Lundmark, T. & Nordin, A. (2015). Impacts of global climate scenarios on forest management and harvesting in Sweden. [[Abstracts of the 17th IBFRA Conference, Towards a New Era of Forest Science in the Boreal Region]], 24-29 May, Rovaniemi, Finland (May 2015)

Valin, H., Peters, D., van den Berg, M., Frank, S., Havlik, P., Forsell, N., Hamelinck, C., Pirker, J., Mosnier, A., Balkovič, J., Schmidt, E., Dürauer, M. & Di Fulvio, F. (2015). The land use change impact of biofuels consumed in the EU: Quantification of area and greenhouse gas impacts. ECOFYS Netherlands B.V. , Utrecht, Netherlands. DOI:BIENL13120.

Henneberg, K., Böttcher, H., Wiegmann, K., Forsell, N., Korosuo, A., Obersteiner, M., Bowyer, C., Nanni, S., Allen, B., Poláková, J., Pekkanen, M. & Fitzgerald, J. (2014). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy. Task 2: Analysis of impacts of biomass production on natural resources and the global environment. Publications Office of the European Union , Luxembourg.

Pekkanen, M., Bowyer, C., Forsell, N., Hünecke, K., Korosuo, A., Nanni, S. & Nuolivirta, P. (2014). Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy. Task 1 Report. Publications Office of the European Union , Luxembourg.

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